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Sie sind herzlich willkommen Ihre e-mail in Deutsch zu schreiben:


( Munitech Motorcars Int'l, Inc. merged  with Star European in 2004 )





Hi Bo!

Your Aston is tops!

This was my first premium car buying experience and you were tops.

Throughout the process you were fun, fair, charismatic, super responsive and client focused, it could not have gone better.

PS. I love the car :)

John, Seattle, WA



2000 Ferrari Modena F1


Hi Guys, I was pleasantly surprised when I came upon your website in my search for just the right 360 Modena.

I had been looking for about 2 months throughout the internet for my "dream" car-

A Ferrari 360 Modena F1 coupe.

I had a feeling that if I kept looking long enough I would find the perfect one for me and it happened.

I saw the 2000 Modena in Blu Pozzi that you had advertised as your featured car and loved it.

I spoke with Bo who was a joy to do business with ,

he was very honest,upfront and frank in his opinion of this car.

He pointed me to the high def pics he had on LaLaCars.com and I was impressed-absolutely beautiful !

We spoke on numerous occasions after that and before long I realized this was the car I wanted.

I had an inspector in the area check the car out for me and he reassured me that it was everything Bo had described and more.

We worked out the details and I picked it up a week before Christmas.

I love the car, so much FUN to drive and the best Christmas gift EVER!

The buying experience was so easy thru Bo and I would recommend him to anyone I know in the market for a vehicle.

I continue to keep in touch with him if I have any questions and I think he misses "his" car.

Thanks again for all your help Sincerely,

Kevin McLane



1995 BMW M3

I was looking for a BMW E36 M3 when I found one at Star European.

I called and spoke to a lovely Gentlemen named Bo who was very informative and patient.

I bought the vehicle over the phone sight unseen.

They shipped the vehicle to Vegas for me.

When the car arrived it was exactly how it was described and from the pictures.

I would highly recommend their service and would buy a another car from them in a heart beat.

Also, they offer an excellent assortment of rare hard to find vehicles in good condition.

Once again thanks to Bo and Star European for their help and their service.

I will be enjoying the BMW M3! ABID M. Las Vegas

- Abid M., Las Vegas



1999 Ferrari F355 Berlinetta


I purchased my 1999 Ferrari 355  from Bo site unseen

and the car is exactly what was described.

Bo is honest and was a pleasure to work with.

I would not hesitate to buy another vehicle from Bo in the future.


Thank you

Eric, Florida



1998 Ferrari F355 Spider


Dear Bo,

Thank you for your help during the purchase of my 1998 F355 Ferrari.

Everything was "as advertised" and you are right,

the car is " way more fun" to drive than a 911.

I guess that's what the extra 100 HP does for you.

Strangers walk up to me and ask if they can take a picture of it with their IPhone .

I bought it sight unseen as you know and I was plenty apprehensive.

Your professionalism and expertise throughout the process was the deal maker.

I'm looking forward to my visit to LA. Who buys the first round?


I think you got such a nice deal that you need to buy dinner ;) , Bo



George, Dublin, Ohio



2001 Ferrari 456M GT 6 Speed


I always have been interested in a 6-speed gear shift 12 cylinder Ferrari,

as an automatic Ferrari does not make a lot of sense to me, being from Europe.

Star European advertised recently one of these "Supercars" I like for sale.

We scheduled an appointment and Bo presented the car in a very professional and knowledgeable fashion.

I felt being in very good hands, so I proceeded with the deal.

Bo organized all action items around the transaction to our utmost satisfaction,

and it took merely 2 days to prepare all papers until picking up the car.

Since this deal was about financing, I'd also like to mention the professionality at Woodside Credit,

who managed to process the whole deal in no time, basically due to knowing Bo and Star European since a long time.

It's been a pleasure working with all involved entities,

all promises they made have been fulfilled and I will look out for them to buy my next classic car.

Thanks again!

Andreas Rose

Photonics Research Corporation, San Diego



1995 Ferrari F 355 Spider


Arrived L.A. late Saturday afternoon.

Bo showed a '95 Ferrari F355 Spider (Beautiful condition).

Bo covered any issues the vehicle had, and suggested a few hotels.

He called to see if I was okay. He received the title around midnight.

Checked on towing if I needed it.

Sunday morning Bo called and received a mechanics computer readout on maintenance done.

Purchased vehicle by 10am Sunday.

My mechanic in Arizona said it was a great buy.

Bo, thanks for your patience, hospitality, and most of all your honesty.

Thanks Bo.

Frank Bissett, Arizona



1995 Ferrari 348 Spider


Hello Peter and Bo,

Thanks so much for the help with my new (new to me) 1995 348 Ferrari.

The car is like brand new!

Everything works and it runs like a sewing machine.

Not a scratch on it and all the records and accessories are intact and up to date.

The purchase was a pleasure and I will certainly give you the first shot at my next exotic vehicle purchase.


John Brodersen


Longshadow Ranch Winery

Temecula, CA



2002 Jaguar Vanden Plas


Peter and Bo...

I recently bought a 2002 Jaguar Vanden Plas from you...

My intention was to keep it as my car...

But it is in such beautiful condition that my wife took it from me!!!!

You guys are the best!!!

But now i need another car...

I''ll see you soon....barry

- Barry, Malibu



1995 Ferrari 348 Spider


Hi Bo----

Thanks a bunch for a wonderful buying experience---

very efficient i would happily recommend you to anyone----

you are very honest and helpful---

and fun guy---

no wonder you have so many testimonials to anyone interested in a high end used car---

go to Bo he will treat you right and you walk away happy .

Isn't that what good business is all about.

Thanks Bo,

Lanny, California



2005 Mercedes Benz 320 CDI

Thanks a lot for a great buying experience, Bo!

This is the first time I have purchased an automobile

I did not test drive or even see prior to purchase.

Every picture and description was accurate and my

2005 E320 CDI that arrived this last week is a gem.

Throughout the purchase you communicated very effectively

and provided step-by-step progress reports as we waited

for the vehicle to ship to the other coast.

The process has been so pleasant that you will be selling me my next vehicle as well!

Why would I go haggle at the local dealership when

I found exactly what I was looking for and

your professional approach took all the hassles away!

Thanks and Cheers,




1986 Porsche 911 Cabriolet And 1991 Porsche 911 Cabriolet





WE BOUGHT A 1986 Porsche 911 Cabriolet AND A 1991 Porsche 911 Cabriolet.











FEEDBACK FROM CLAUS ON PURCHASE OF 1988 Mercedes Benz 560SL, 1999 Mercedes Benz SL500

And 1995 Porsche 911 / 993 Coupe

Hi Bo!

Thank You very much for the cars.

I bought the

1988 Mercedes Benz 560SL,

1999 Mercedes Benz SL500 and the

1995 Porsche 911 / 993 Coupe

they just arrived in Germany -

they´re all really great cars.

Perfect exterior as well as interior.

It was a really great experience to buy cars from Your company -

the service was perfect -

as are the cars!

All the best from Germnay

Claus :-)



Peter and Bo,

I wish to take this opportunity and thank you both for a pleasant experience

and great service you offered me yesterday.

My friend and I liked all the cars in your collection :)

and were talking about each of them on the way home.

So you have gained two marketing agents :)

hehe, we will be passing the word about you,

your superb service and amazing collection of cars.

Thank you so much

Farid, Tempe, Arizona




Dear Bo,

Thanks for all of your help with the remote purchase of your beautiful 1996

Porsche 911 Cabriolet. The car is a very nice example and was well

represented by your firm. I appreciate your staying in touch with regards

to the shipment of the car as well. It was a seamless transaction and I

appreciate your candor and concern about my worries about dealing with such

a purchase sight unseen and long distance. I could only wish that I could

have met you in person and taken the time to drive the car up the coast

myself! I may have shared with you that this is my 54th car...it's a

disease inherited from my father and you should not be surprised if I come

knocking on your door again in the near future. It's been a pleasure.

Thank you again!

Best Regards

Robbie, Seattle, WA





I was in the market for a new toy and came across a Mercedes Benz SL500 Lorinser

that was the nicest looking SL I have seen.

I was concerned that the car was in California and I was in New York

but I thought it was worth an email which lead to a phone call.

Truly, your professionalism, expert knowledge and full disclosure attitude sold me on the vehicle. I

could not be happier with the vehicle and would have no problem purchasing

another vehicle sight unseen from you again.

It was a pleasure to doing business with you and would recommend your

business to any potential customer you may have in the future.

Good luck to you and thanks again.



New Hartford, NY




Hi Bo,

Thanks again for the wonderful car!

We really love it! It looks like a new car both the interior and exterior.

Only the weather could be better these days, so we can drive without the softtop!!


Mike Venderbosch

Halle, The Netherlands




Dear Mr. Fenner,

I would like to share my story with anyone considering buying an automobile from Star European Inc..

But first I’d like to share some history about my past car buying experiences.

Over the last 10 years I’ve purchased nearly 30 vehicles from various dealerships

throughout the Pacific Northwest for personal and business purposes.

Of course my passions have always led me to high performance cars,

all of which I purchased through the onerous factory ordering process or straight off a dealerships showroom floor.

As much as I’ve enjoyed owning high performance cars, the buying process has always left little to be desired,

falling way short of the joy of actually driving one.

That negative feeling eventually wears off until you enter into another dealership and the cycle starts over again.

Bo Fenner at Star European Inc.has proven to me that buying a vehicle can be as enjoyable as driving one.

About three months ago I started flirting with the idea of owning a Porsche 930 turbo.

I fill in love with its classic body style. I consider the 930 turbo the quintessential 911.

I started looking around locally at various prospects but was generally disappointed at what I found.

Of course Porsche stopped producing the 930 in 1989, which means finding one that’s in good shape is really challenging.

I advanced my search to the internet looking at 930’s across the nation. It actually made things more dismal for me.

Talking to under educated, over educated egocentric Porsche owners / sellers can really make your head spin.

I started having second thoughts if “my car” really existed. However, I had the 930 bug so I trudged onward.

The day finely came when I stumbled (via internet) upon a beautiful 1988 silver 930 turbo.

The pictures were captivating and they allowed me to see the car for what it was, beautiful.

After clicking through multiple pictures multiple times I couldn’t resist any longer and had to call the number.

Once I made the call I quickly realized that I made the right decision.

I spoke to Bo Fenner at great length regarding the history and condition of the car.

Over the next few days we talked more and I realized I was talking to a legitimate car enthusiast.

While describing the car, Bo provided an enjoyable education regarding the performance qualities of the car,

which is expansive when it comes to Porsche 911’s. After talking to Bo you will quickly realize that cars are his passion.

Bo’s vast knowledge and expertise on (930’s) cars was very useful while trying to make a qualitative decision.

It was evident that selling the car was secondary and establishing a valued customer relationship was his primary agenda.

Bo reached that goal with me.

In fact, another buyer made a higher offer on my car before I was fully committed, regardless, Bo honored to our deal.

Throughout he provided a genuine depiction of the car and helped solidify my confidence to move forward with Star European Inc..

I purchased the car sight unseen.

Initially I wasn’t totally comfortable about sending the funds without seeing the car first-hand.

Nevertheless, Bo eased my concerns by maintaining impeccable communication throughout the entire delivery process.

The car was delivered on time to my door with no surprise.

The fact is I’m ecstatic about the purchase.

I received an awesome car and the transaction has surpassed all of my expectations.

Even though we haven’t officially met, I consider Bo Fenner a valued friend that can be trusted.

I highly recommend Bo and Star European to assist you in any of your automotive passions. Thanks Bo!


John Porter

Seattle, Washington





Sorry this has taken so long, excuses or reason they all equal up to a week late.

1) Daughter has come down with the crud that I had,

2) Work was beyond the expectations of normal

3) Having too much fun out in the Turbo

I like #3 the most.

Could you please post this on your guest book.


Ever since I was a child that could value quality and style

I have dreamed of owning a 930 Turbo.

Well, the story goes like this.

I was searching the web for the perfect 930 Turbo.

I pulled up a site with "For Sale 1987 Porsche Turbo" As I read the description my interest peaked,

then as I viewed the photos my interested spiked but not until

I spoke to the "Infamous Bo Fenner" did I know I must own this sweet machine.

As Bo and I discussed the vehicle and the plan to view the car we settled on

a date to view and test the vehicle. Well as my luck would have it,

I came down with a rip roaring pneumonia.

My fear was not of dying but my fear of dying without fulfilling my dream.

Bo, could have sold and should have sold this vehicle to anyone else 100 times over,

yet for some reason he didn't. I ask why did he not?

The reason, honest, truthful and a man of his word.

I purchased this beautiful 1987 Porsche 930 sight unseen.

As I began to get healthy enough to travel Bo again proved his values

as a business man and now as a friend.

Everything he told me prior to seeing the car was 100 percent true.

Every photo was 100 percent accurate.

I have no reservation in recommending a vehicle purchase from Bo, sight unseen!

Not to mention the toast to close the deal. Real German Beer ("Franziskaner" Hefeweizen).

What more can a man ask for?

Thank you Bo!!!!


Vacaville, California




Dear Bo,

Just want you to know that your new e-mail address/domain name of Bo@930Guru.com

is quite appropriate as I can personally attest based

on the purchase experience of my 1979 930 Turbo from your personal collection. I

buy many cars for our collection, "sight unseen",

which takes an incredible amount of trust & confidence in the seller,

trust & confidence which you rightfully earned during our transaction.

The car is absolutely AWESOME, as good if not better than you described.

I can certainly understand the many calls from you seeking to repurchase the 930 (justifiable sellers remorse) .

Not quite yet my friend! I have many more hours of driving pleasure due in this one before it goes home!

As you can see on our website, MaineLineExotics.com ,

your/our 930 is keeping very pleasant company & I'm sure it enjoys it's turn in the rotation.

I hope to run the 930 in one of the Porsche sponsored Vintage Ralleys or club events

this summer & will send along some photos when we do.

Thanks again for one of the GREAT additions to our collection & keep the faith...

your baby will come home again...some day.

Best regards,

Bob Tkacik

The Maine Line Exotics Collection




1994 BMW 850CSi

As an avid car collector I've purchased many cars over the internet.

Most of those experiences have been good,

and a rare few such as my recent interaction with Mr. Bo Fenner,


Working with Mr. Fenner, I was able to purchase the BMW

of my dreams and when the car arrived it was more than what I had expected.

During the entire process, not only was Mr. Fenner extremely responsive to my many questions about the car,

but he always conducted himself with a level of professionalism sadly unseen across internet dealers.

Bo was always thorough with his answers, courteous, and timely.

In addition, I especially appreciated the quality of the photos that Mr. Fenner took of the car in the first place.

Being able to have so many high resolution images of many many aspects of the car reduced the risk involved with the purchase,

and as a result I felt upon the car's arrival that i had gotten exactly what had been represented perhaps even more.

Mr. Fenner's quickness in shipping the car out was also exemplary.

This is clearly one of the best experiences I've had buying a car (sight unseen) over the internet.

I would buy from Mr. Fenner again and I would also heartily recommend to any

others to purchase a vehicle from Mr. Fenner with confidence.





1994 BMW 850CSi


I can't say enough about your professional and personal approach to our transaction.

1. You did what you said you would do in the time frame you said you would do it.

2. You are an excellent communicator.

3. Your marketing skills and market & product knowledge are superb.

4. You are honest and have integrity.

It is a pleasure to have sold my car through you.

Many thanks,




1991 BMW 850i


Dear Bo,

You are a very interesting guy.

I didn't just buy a wonderful car from you, but also made a friend.

Negotiating with you over the phone was a lot of fun.

The way you deal with your customers is completely unique and a pleasure.

You were right about the BMW 850i I purchased from you.

It is a perfect car.

It drives like new and looks almost new for being 19 years old.

During negotiations I did check out other 850's in the Bay Area.

None compared at all to what was delivered to me.

Thank you for elegantly negotiating with me while teaching me about the car.

You know so much about cars -especially German cars - like no one I've ever met.

Thank you.

I will definitely buy from you again.

Francesco, Northern California



1986 Rolls Royce Silver Spur,















1929 Marquette,

Bought Sight Unseen.


The car has arrived, and it’s wonderful. Thanks for a wonderful transaction.

Steve, Missouri



1988 M6 with 90,000 miles

Bo -

I want to thank you personally for my purchase of a 1988 M6 from your company.

From start to finish, you run a class organization that made me feel extremely comfortable with my decision.

Looking specifically for this model/year, I initially came to Munitech Motorscars via the internet.

I bought from you, however, because of your impeccable customer service and a truly outstanding car,

both mechanically and aesthetically.

Typically when looking for a vintage car, what you see is rarely what you get.

This has been the experience I have encountered when looking for 6-series cars in the past.

Munitech, on the other hand, delivered on it's tagline of "The Cleanest Automobiles On The Planet".

Wow, what a beauty! Just the other day, I took my M6 to the local BMW dealership for

an oil change and the number of employees that gave it a glance was numerous.

One of their salesmen remarked at the quality of the re-upholstery job to the front seats stating

that "the guy who did this really knows what he's doing!".

I couldn't agree more - my car looks and performs like a champion.

Keep doing what you're doing Bo.

Munitech realizes the importance of honesty, integrity and value in running its business.

It's this approach that will keep me coming back to you in the future and will

undoubtedly bring Munitech many news customers as well.

Sincerely, George Grubb

Carmel, IN, USA


( custom built 1982 BMW 645 CSi turbo )

Dear Bo,

This letter is long overdue, but I hope in your heart you can find a way to forgive me. I have meaning to write for some time, but unfortunately my schedule at the end of this year has been quite hectic. It is my hope that after some of your future customers read this letter all will be well.

My story begins in February of 2002, as I was trying to shake off the doldrums of another long New England winter in my home state of Vermont. It was then that I recently purchased a 1981 BMW 745I turbo and was hoping to restore it to it's once glorious pat. As I pursued the internet for information on the car I came across the Munitech Motorcars website and was immediately enthralled with some of the automobiles that Bo had to offer. As I searched further into his website I noticed a listing for a BMW 645 CSi turbo. I had never heard of such a car and my curiosity was immediately piqued so I decided to give Bo a call. My initial reaction was how engaging Bo was on the phone and how quick and generous with all of the information and questions I had about the car. Mind you, I have been a BMW owner since I was 19 and 15 years later I still maintain that they are the finest automobiles I have had the pleasure of driving, so my knowledge of the product line is not pedestrian but these were unchartered waters.

Bo informed me that the car was not yet built; he had intended it to be a personal project but then decided to see what kind of interest he could get form a mention on his website. Fortunately for me I was one of the first enthusiasts to dial and after only a few "short" conversations with my favorite Bavarian connection I decided to purchase the now infamous automobile. I had never bought anything over the phone, let alone an item of this magnitude from a man I had never met, nor had any previous history with other than our pleasant interludes on the telephone. But it is a credit to Bo that he was able to earn my confidence, and to make m e feel truly comfortable with the transaction, and to trust in him totally. Without hesitation I mailed out my initial deposit only days after this whole process began.

Bo explained to me that the 745I turbo I had purchased was a fine automobile, but it was probably not a wise investment to have it completely restored. He informed me that the resale value on these cars was not very high and therefore would not merit my investment. That was when I decided to go with his project car the 645I turbo. He was in the very early stages of the restoration, but assured me that it would only be a few short months before I was enjoying the exhilarating ride that only a BMW coupe turbo could provide.

As time passed and my anticipation grew, Bo and I engaged in many conversations as to the progress of the car and any complications he was encountering. I would learn that this was not an easy process as the car was one of a kind, and Bo's attention to detail was second to none. I discovered, much to my benefit that Bo is a perfectionist, and he would make certain that the car I was buying would be everything I had hoped for and more.

I know that over time Bo became a little frustrated with some of the problems that arose, and my seemingly endless questions and inquisitions, but he hung in there and for that I am very grateful. Overall I feel that the entire project was an enormous success and I not only acquired a fine automobile, but also a friend in the process. In the future I will not hesitate to call Bo for another car, or to answer any of my mundane queries.

Now to the most important part of my letter: the delivery of the 645 and my reaction. Bo called to tell me that the car was finally done, and it was breaking his heart that he had to ship it to me (as a matter of fact he offered to buy the car back from me, as he had become so enamored with it). He told me to get on his website to view the pictures of the finished product, and to let him know if it was up to my expectations. It certainly was!!! I fell in love with the car immediately an could not wait for it to arrive. Bo made all of the logistical accommodations and when the car transport company called to inform me that my car was in, I raced to their garage and was awestruck by the beautiful piece of machinery that was there to greet me. It was more visually appealing in person than it was on the website, and the color Bo had chosen was unlike anything I had seen before. I had a very unique look, one that seemed to say, "If you like me now wait until you get behind the wheel and see what really makes me special." And that is exactly what I did.

My initial reaction was how clean the car was inside, and how incredibly new it looked for a car of its advancing years. Bo had done an incredible job with the restoration and I could see immediately, why he was so sad to see the car go. It truly was a piece of art. Now to see if it was as mechanically gifted as it was aesthetically.

When I first started the affectionately titled "beast", I was suddenly made aware of the unforeseen power that it possessed. It made a very appealing and throaty low moan that was only accented by the custom exhaust that Bo had painstakingly created. I could not wait to get her on the highway and make sure that her beauty was not only skin deep. I must admit that I have been accused of being superficial at times, but driving this gem for the first time I realized that it really is what's inside that counts. This baby delivered and then some. As I eased onto the highway I could not wait to get out of the flow of traffic and open her up a little as I became more comfortable. My wish was soon granted and I was suddenly transferred to a world of automotive bliss that I did not know existed. This car was the real deal and I found myself mesmerized by the genius of it German engineering. As the car reached its required rpm's and the turbo gently kicked in, I found the immediate acceleration to be quite exhilarating. I pulled away from my trailing betrothed with such ease, that I received a rather stern reprimand at the first convenient rest area where we had previously planned to switch vehicles so she could see what all the fuss was about. Well suffice it to say that she was equally enthusiastic and confirmed my feelings that we had made a very wise decision.

Once we arrived home and gave the car a thorough cleaning and buff polish, it appeared even more breathtaking and I could not wait to get behind the wheel again for a nice leisurely ride through our beautiful Vermont countryside. As we headed out the response from passerbys was almost instantaneous. Everyone seemed to do a double-take and would stare in wonderment as our visual and audial masterpiece drove by in all its splendor. When we made a few stops along the way curious onlookers would come over and inquire as to what exactly it was we were driving. There was no shortage of appreciation as the people who were interested found it to be quite an impressive piece of machinery, including my local mechanic who was duly impressed by the work that Bo had done. He commented on how clean and mechanically sound the car was, and was very forthright with his praise as to Bo's attention to detail. He quelled all my concerns, and told that I should be grateful for my good fortune.

Things brings me to the sad part of my letter. In my little corner of the world we can experience some form of winter for about six months of the year, and unfortunately it came rather early this year. We had to garage and store our new addition shortly after we received it, and were not able to enjoy it as much as we would have initially liked. But hope springs eternal that perhaps we will get an early break on the other end, and it will not be long before we are merrily driving down our tree lined roads on a beautiful summer day with no commitments as to our return. I look forward to that day soon, and until then I will occasionally sneak out to the garage and steal a peek under the car cover to stare in appreciation at my "good fortune".

If anyone out there is apprehensive about buying a car over the phone from Bo, please know that as a client I give him my full endorsement and would recommend him whole-heartedly. He was a pleasure to deal with and I would put my trust in him again when I am ready to purchase another specialty vehicle that I know he could provide. If I could be of any assistance to any future customers please know that I would be happy to talk, and my information can be acquired through Bo.

In closing, I wish Bo all the best and look forward to continuing our relationship in the near future.

Very truly yours,

Matthew Graves

~ ~ ~


(1994 BMW 325 ic with 80,000 miles)

According to polls, after death and public speaking,

the act most feared by contemporary Americans is the purchase of a used car.

Recently, I confronted this challenge and, based strictly on faith and a few phone calls,

bought a pre-owned BMW convertible sight unseen.

My intermediary was Bo Fenner of Munitech Motorcars Int’l.

Bo listened to my “wish list,” patiently walked me through the paperwork,

and even personally delivered the vehicle to my doorstep,

a distance of approximately five-hundred miles from his office.

Thus far, I could not be more pleased with both the car and the service of Munitech Motorcars.

I think my next project might be public speaking.

Chuck Speers

Lafayette, California USA


Wow, I love the 1988 BMW M6 that Bo sold me and it's everything he said it would be.

I've enjoyed getting to know Bo as much as the car itself - a great guy.

All he cares about is happy customers!

He also likes great cars and cold German Weissbier. The car got a little ding in the roof

during cross-country shipping and Bo went to a lot of trouble to get

the exact paint to match the car. It looks like new.

You will not be disappointed if you buy a car from Bo.

Mike O'Donnell <michael.p.o'donnell@us.abb.com>

Raleigh, NC USA


(1987 Porsche Carrera targa with 84000 miles)

My experience with Bo was extremely favorable.

As an out-of-state buyer, I had certain reservations at first.

But Bo proved himself to be a man of integrity and an excellent partner

in helping me get my dream car. He was extremely helpful in faciliating

the process for me (including bringing the car to a third-party inspector for me,

as I was out-of-state).

I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.

Adam Rosenberg <adam.rosenberg@gs.com>

New York, NY USA


I would just like to extend my thanks to Bo for being such an honest and sincere person.

I would highly recommend his services to anyone.

If you're in the market for a beautiful used European car, this is definitely the place to go.

I recently began looking for the car I've wanted ever since I can remember:

a 1982 Porsche 930 Turbo. After a bit of researching on the internet I found a few that

were in my general area of southern California. And after traveling about to look

at them in person, I knew that the car Bo had was a gem.

I knew the moment I saw it -- It was love at first sight.

Thanks to Bo I now have the car of my dreams.

Brian Leask <bleask@coi-world.com>

San Diego, CA USA


Bo, thought I'd let you know that after a year, the 1991 Porsche C2

you sold me remains a strong, solid car. And not one drop of oil on the garage floor!

A totally satisfied customer!!!

Hope everything is going well for you.

Mark Jefferson <mljefferson@hotmail.com>

Los Angeles, CA USA


Bo.... Okay, okay I know this is late. I would've written sooner,

but I'm having too much fun driving the hell out of the 635CSi you sold me.

The car runs and looks great. In my opinion, BMW has never designed a more asthetically pleasing,

classic car. The other day I pulled up to the drive-thru window at my bank.

Three tellers came over to ask what kind of BMW I was driving.

When I told them it was a 1988 BMW 635CSi they were floored. True story.

A 14 year old car just blew them away. I love not seeing this car "coming and going" on the road.

Anyway, you are a straightforward and honest businessman and I'll be happy to be a reference

for any potential customer of yours.

The truth of it all is that the experience is one I'd like to repeat.

Best regards, Peter

Peter Bellini <bellini3@optonline.net>

Millstone Township, NJ USA


In 1978 the boss invited me to lunch.

We went to the restaurant in his Mercedes SL and from that day

I said I'd like to have one too. Well, thanks to Merryl Lynch and Bo,

I just bought the smoke silver 1989 560SL (the one that says Sold in Orange County).

Well, I'm having just too much fun! What a special car.

If life is the journey, this is how it should be traveled.

I especially want to mention what a pleasure it is to do business with Bo.

I would recommend him to anybody who wants a Mercedes

(actually my Merril Lynch broker says he wants one too!) and,

I would buy again from Bo.

One thing though. . . he drives a Porsche. Fast.

Actually he drives in two speeds: fast and very fast.

So, if you're not used to Autoban speeds, you drive!

Thanks again, Bo. What a special car.

And you're a special car salesman.

Martin Keyser <Marty12291@aol.com>

Stanton, Ca USA



I would like to thank you for your excellent assistance in purchasing

BMW 850 CSi recently from Munitech Motorcars Int'l, Inc.

It was a pleasure to work with someone who is so thoroughly knowledgeable

about high performance German cars. Your stamp of approval on the car

gave me the confidence to purchase it and your contacts in the automotive industry

have made it easier for me to have you make modifications in the driver's seat

to accommodate my height. The result is truly a dream car.

I haven't smiled this much in a long time. Its condition, appearance, handling

and performance have far exceeded my expectation and have continued to do so

now about six months after receiving it. The car runs like a dream and gets lots

of looks from other drivers and exceeds the performance and handling of

any car I have ever driven. It has really put the joy back into driving.

I have recommended you to many friends who are looking for

excellent performance and value from someone who really knows these cars

and has already selected great cars out of the many not so good used cars availaible.

I would definitely come back to Munitech Motorcars for my next car purchase

and will continue to sing your praises to everyone who notices my

wonderful, beautiful and hot BMW 850 CSi.


Stephen L. Kuchenbecker, M.D.

Santa Monica, CA USA


As a first time BMW buyer and researcher, I looked at every paper,

drove all over town, and finally found Bo's web site.

After visiting numerous dealerships and car lots it was clear that it would be Bo

that I would do business with. Bo has been extremely patient with me.

We emailed, we spoke and I visited him and test drove the car.

I was ready to make the deal but things happened, I got wet feet,

couldn't sell my truck, a multitude of things, but Bo stuck right in there,

never made me feel uncomfortable.

I have not bought a car from Bo yet, but I WILL.

Anyone considering a used BMW or Benz need not look any further than Bo.

Thanks Bo

Jean Hall <jean.hall@verizon.com>

Los Angeles, CA USA

(Jean bought a 1993 BMW 740iL shortly after this e-mail)


I was so happy with my first purchase from Bo,

a 1989 BMW 735i I bought for my wife 2 years ago,

that I recently purchased a 1988 BMW 635CSi for myself.

Bo is very good at finding clean, no damage cars.

He will not buy cars with any significant body damage or any rust.

All the cars I have seen in his warehouse are straight and original.

I have seen his cars before and after refurbishment.

Bo's cars always look better in person than as shown on the website,

there are never any surprises.

Do not hesitate making a purchase from Bo,

I look forward to buying my next car from him.

Edgar Friederichs <ezepilot@hotmail.com>

Castaic, CA USA


I recently purchased an ’89 BMW 750 iL  with 120000 miles from Bo J. Fenner

at Munitech Motorcars Int'l, Inc..

This was by far the easiest, most pleasant experience I have ever had purchasing a used car,

and a bit of an interesting story.

It may also give you an idea of the level of service that Bo provides.

I called Bo on a satellite phone from the middle of the Bering Sea.

I had been to his website some months prior and was impressed with the quality of his cars.

After talking with Bo for a while, I agreed to purchase this car,

and he agreed to hold the car for me until I could get down there to pick it up.

I sent him a deposit, and Bo held this car for six weeks.

When I flew into Los Angeles, Bo picked up myself and my two young daughters

from the airport in the car I was buying. We went back to his office and the

transaction was completed in about an hour.

After spending two days at Disneyland we drove the car back to Seattle.

The car performed flawlessly all the way home.

The car was everything that Bo had claimed.

Cosmetically it was a 10 inside and out…mechanically about a 9.

Not perfect, but a whole lot closer to perfection than you usually find in a used car.

I have since added a set of Borbet type T wheels (17 x 8) and 245/45-17 tires.

The car draws compliments from everyone who sees it.

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy another car from Bo.

He is an honest guy, and his products and service are first rate.

I didn’t have to spend my valuable time shopping for a car,

and I reduced considerably the risk involved in buying a type of used car with which I am unfamiliar.

I knew nothing about BMW’s.

Thanks again Bo…I love the car.
Marc Oppelt <marcoppelt@yahoo.com>
Olympia, WA USA


My husband and I received our "work of art" about 3 weeks ago from

Munitech Motorcars Int'l, Inc. ( Bo. J. Fenner ).

That's what I call our 1979 Mercedes Benz 450SL.

The first site of this gorgeous car upon arrival


Bo told us via email and phone conversations that this automobile

looked like it came off the show room floor, and he was right.

If you are thinking about doing business with Bo

don't hesitate for a minute,


All companies should conduct their businesses

like Munitech Motorcars Int'l, Inc..

Thanks Bo for fulfilling my dream.

Munitech Motorcars Int'l, Inc.is on the top of our list.

Whenever we are asked where we got our Mercedes we tell them

"Munitech Motorcars Int'l, Inc.",

the best place to buy a car.

Thank you Ed and BJ

Ed and BJ Geraghty <bailey@oregontrail.net>
Bend, Or USA


Bo, Bo, Bo, I'm so excited about my soon-to-be newest aquistion from you,

but I have to tell you that I still love my little Bimmer that you sold me.

In the 2 years I've had it, I've put 100,000 miles on it, kicking up the

odometer to 160,000+, and it still runs like a dream.

One minor repair (a silly fuel pump at 120,000) is all I've had to deal with other

than routine maintenance.

You are a woman's best friend when it comes to buying a car.

Thanks for everything.

Beverly Cherey

Avalon, Ca USA


(1991 BMW 535i with 84000 miles)

My husband and I looked across the country for a

BMW 535i for months!

All of our leads turned to lead nowhere until we found

Munitech Motorcars.

Bo's cars are even more beautiful than they appear on the

Munitech Motorcars web site.

Not only have we found the car of our dreams,

we feel we have found a new friend as well.

Bo is kind, courteous, and honest.

We cannot stop recommending him to friends.

We heartily recommend Munitech Motorcars to anyone who has

ever considered owning a BMW.

Lisa Travis, CA USA


(1992 BMW 750iL with 104000 miles)

About 6 weeks ago I purchased from Bo a 1992 750iL with 104,000 miles.

The car was in pristine condition inside and out (considering it was 9 years old).

With the exception of a broken gear in the seat raising motor,

the car has performed flawlessly.

Bo made sure that everything works BEFORE he agreed to sell the car.

(He was even the one that told me about the broken gear and agreed to fix it for free

when the car goes in for its next maintenance.)

When my wife and I went to pick up the car,

he had it prominently displayed and glistening with a fresh wax job.

The car also had the new ZR-rated tires and 17" rims that he offered,

just as he stated.

I would whole-heartedly recommend any car that Bo sells based on this experience.

You can't go wrong with Bo.

Brian McCarty , CA USA


(1989 BMW 635CSi with 87000 miles)

Hi Bo I want to thank you again for the best car transaction

I have ever experienced--in person and on the Web.

The 635 CSi that you advertised was immaculate

--even better than described--

and the process of "eye it, try it and buy it" worked well.

Often the Internet serves as a smoke screen for awful business,

but your promise of integrity and value was delivered.

I would, and do, encourage people looking for a used quality vehicle

to try Munitech  Motorcars first.

All the best in your business, thank you again.

Dr. Nick Copping



(1987 BMW 635CSi with 52000 miles)

First I would like to qualify my comments.

I own a financial services company, stock and insurance brokerage,

and have over 25 years management experience in the automotive service industry.

Add to this over 18 years as a BMW owner.

I know how to run a business and how to inspect a car.

My purchase experience with Mr. Fenner was well worth the plane flight

from the San Francisco area to L.A.

The car I purchased was impeccable.

I bought a 1987 635CSI and on the way home,

I felt as I was driving a brand new 1987 car.

It was better than I could have ever expected.

Bo Fenner is a perfectionist who grew up in Munich Germany.

He knows these cars, and hand selects only the best.

I looked at his entire fleet, all spotless and exactly as described on his website.

If he tells you something about one of his cars, you can take it to the bank.

I will definately buy again and refer any of my friends

who want a great German car at a fair price.

I looked long and hard for the right 635, and believe me,

I found it! Any questions?

Email me. Kirk Dobson
Kirk D. Dobson <kirkdob@pacbell.net>


(1994 BMW 740i with 88000 miles)

Bo is good on his word and is very customer focused.

During our discussions he repeatedly said he wanted me to be happy with my purchase,

and he stuck with his word.

The car I originally intended to purchase from Bo did not measure up to my expectations

(although it was a fine car) and Bo took it back without question.

I wound up with a '94 740i which I am enjoying very much.

Thanks Bo.

I'll be back. Peter



(1992 BMW 735i with 100000 miles)

After reading all of the other comments,

it should become rather apparent that Bo's website,

company policy, and his personality, are truly unique and hard to beat.

We called to schedule an appointment to see a 525,

but after talking to Bo over the phone, we became interested in a 735i.

When I hung up, I told my husband that Bo would be selling us our next car,

which he did that very day!

We love our 735i and look forward to buying another beautiful car from Bo in the future!
Victor & Lizette Juarez



(1985 Mercedes Benz 380SL with 145000 miles)

Hi Bo,

I bought a beautiful SL380 from you at the end of Oct. I am loving

it---looking at it, driving it---it is wonderful. I took it to a well

recommended Mercedes mechanic over the winter break to get the passenger door

lock to work in unison with the driver side door. I also ask them to look

for anything else that needed to be done to it because I want to keep it in

perfect shape. When I called back to pick it up the mechanic just went on

and on about how everything is in fabulous condition. When I started to say

something he interrupted to continue gushing about what a wonderful job you

had done. I wanted to pass the compliment on to you since you are the one

who deserves it. I continue to tell friends from Seattle to San Francisco to

Modesto about your wonderful service, and I do consider it a service. Thank

you for being so honest in your business dealings. I may give up my designer

clothes and first born but I won't give up my SL380. Thanks for joining us.

Judy Walther



(1990 BMW 750iL with 90000 miles)

I know for a fact that Munitech Motorcars had the best 1990 750il.

It's like brand new inside and out.

Munitech even helped get the exact wheels that I wanted on the vehicle.

I couldn't be happier and intend to by all my future BMW's from Munitech.

Thanks Bo, Randy



(1987 BMW 635CSi with 120000 miles)

Hi Bo, Thanks for a great buying experience.

The '87 635CSI is everything you said it would be.

I am certainly pleased that my search for a BMW Coupe brought me to your website.

Everything about the transaction was handled with integrity

and made pleasant by your respectful, engaging personality.

From the initial telephone conversation to the stop for espresso at Starbucks

to the great seafood lunch at the beach and, oh yeah, the car--

everything was just as you said it would be.

I expect to be buying all my future cars from you.

And I feel I've made a friend which I consider to be the best part of all.

Please use me as a reference and do give us a call if you ever visit Colorado.

Regards, Larry



(1993 BMW 740i with 118000 miles)

Hi Bo, I just wanted to say that Elizabeth and I are thrilled with our "new" 1993 BMW 740i.

The car drives like new, looks like new, and - most important - has power seats

that adjust perfectly for my 4' 10" wife!

I am a first-time BMW purchaser, and have spent some time searching

both local lots and the internet for a reliable vehicle (and a trustworthy dealer).

I believe that I have found both in you.

The car is EXACTLY as advertised (perhaps better).

I appreciate your telling me that it was not perfect when you picked it up

and showing me what you had to do to bring it as close to perfection as you have.

That is the mark of an honest dealer, in my opinion.

I believe you will stand behind your cars, as you have stated,

and I have already recommended you to other potential purchasers.

Elizabeth and I thank you in advance for what will be years of driving enjoyment.

Dennis ,



(1988 BMW 735i with 175000 miles)

I was very scared to purchase a car over the web.

Just the idea to buy something without even trying, it scared me.

But let me tell you something, after a few chats with Bo,

I was ready in a heartbeat to purchase.

After my car arrived, he called me up to see if I’m happy with my dream car or not.

Let’s be realistic here, which dealer cares if you're satisfied or not.

but Bo cared. I will recommend Bo because he's is honest, professional,

and fun person to talk to. My dream came true, thanks to Bo.

Thank you Bo.

Mike from New York


(Mercedes Benz  380SL with 140000 miles)

All of the past bad experiences in dealing with buying a car have been overshadowed

by the professional and courteous experience of buying

through MunitechMotorcars.com.

The Mercedes 1985 380 SL I bought is beautiful in every way:

appearance, smoothness of ride, and price.

I highly recommend this buying experience to anyone else

who wants an outstanding car.

J. Walther,



(1994 BMW 740i with 90000 miles)

Well, here I am Bo.

I must say that the thought of purchasing a car over the internet

gave me some anxious moments, until I saw and drove the car and met Bo.

The car was everything I was looking for and Bo made me feel very comfortable

during the purchasing process.

The few small items that I requested were accepted by Bo in a very positive way.

The car is everything Bo said it was and my wife Martye is thrilled with her birthday present.

She even lets me drive the car sometimes.

Thanks again Bo for restoring my faith in people.

Bob & Martye Scofield



(1992 BMW 850i with 124000 miles)

Finding my new BMW 850i on Bo's Web site for Munitech was fun and easy.

Bo really new the car and worked with me on making my dream of owning an BMW 850i a reality.

I would happily recommend Munitech as I think Bo is fair,

straightforward, and really wants to make his customers happy.

Thanks Bo

Dove Canyon,



(1993 BMW 325i with 80000 miles)

Bo, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the vehicle

I purchased from you. I had a grin on my face all the way back to Santa Barbara,

realizing just how clean this car was, as well as the good price

and service that I received.

Your web site basically sold this car to me, given how well it was laid out,

and how well the car was represented by the number and quality of pictures.

I will not hesitate to recommend you to my friends and associates.

Good luck with your new facility.

Best regards, Kyle

Santa Barbara,



(1994 BMW 540i with 123000 miles)

Bo does go the extra mile for his customers.

I am very pleased with the car I purchased.

All of Bo's cars are as clean as they look on his Web page.

Bo is very knowledgeable and is willing to spend the time you need to make a decision.

He made buying the car very easy.

I would highly recommend Munitech Motorcars.

Clyde Gamboa

Irvine, CA  USA


(1985 Mercedes Benz 380SL with 80000 miles)

Bo Fenner is an honest man and I can recommend him

any day for a good buying experience.

Frank Barone




(1991 BMW 750iL with 120000 miles)

If you are looking for a great preowned vehicle,

and do not like the hassle you get from DEALERS,

Bo is one to talk to.

I have just bought a 1991 BMW 750il,excellent car,

the price was right,no preassure,no double talk,

I believe I just made a friend.

I reccomend him to anyone who is in the market to buy a car.

Give Bo a call and you'll see what I mean.

John Grikavicius

Palm Springs,



(1989 Porsche Carrera 911 with 110000 miles)

Bo, I love my 1988 911. You're my first call for my next one.

Marc S. Behar

Great Neck,



I was really pleased with Bo, he was very fair and friendly .

He helped me a lot on buying a Mercedes.

I would recomend his Munitech Motorcars to anyone.

Thanks again .

Jeffrey Lee Millman

Winlock ,



The best auto site on the web.

Carl Sickerott




Although I have not yet purchased a vehicle from Bo,

I would recommend him highly simply for his

honesty, professionalism, and service.

No hard sell, no feeling of pressure...just a

high level of expertise...and when I told him I wasn't quite ready to purchase

a specific vehicle yet; there was no cold shoulder; no guilt trips.

He said thanks for looking at his website, told me to keep in touch, and wished me well.

Thanks for treating me like a friend, and not just another one-time customer...

(and that 3 day guarantee is tough to beat, too!)
Roel De Los Santos
Fairfield, CA, USA


Thank you Bo, for the nice Mercedes 300 SD

that I bought from you.

It was a good deal and a pleasant buying experience.





Bo, Thanks for all your help.

Your knowledge helped me get a great deal on a 1986 Porsche Cabriolet

Carrera. Maybe we'll be able to trade in the future--hopefully trade up to a newer model.

Thanks again for your help.


Detroit, MI, USA


I am very pleased with the car I purchased.

Bo was quite professional and very helpful.

I would suggest Munitech Motorcars to any of my friends.

Thanks Bo!! Jerry Waters,

Chico,  CA, USA


Bo was more than terrific.

I received the quality of service and professionalism you would expect

from an automotive dealer as well as the personal attention

you'd expect from a private sale. I Found the car via Munitech's website.

I made an appointment to take a look at it and purchased the same day.

Bo has gone the extra mile to ensure the car is delivered exactly as I want it.

Thanks Bo! It just doesn't get much easier than this. Jason .

Jason Wilson
Los Angeles,



A co-worker showed up with a beautiful 635CSi.

We I asked about the vehicle she told me she and her husband had gotten it from Bo,

whom she raved about.

I phoned and asked Bo to let me know if he ever came across a 735i

with under 100,000 miles in outstanding condition.

I even specified a color.

To my amazement, Bo phoned a couple of months later with our car.

You can see pictures on his web site. Although I know this sounds impossible,

it looks and is better in person than in the photos.

It is in excellant mechanical condition & my picky mechanic says it was an exceptional find and buy.

It was a pleasure working with Bo.

He is honest, professional, exceptionally knowlegdeable,

fair and a delightful fun person.

I would recommend Bo highly & without hesitation & look forward to doing business with him in the future.

Steve McNelis



Bo is the most sincere and accomodating auto dealer

I have ever encountered. I feel I got a great deal on my BMW 525i.

But most importantly I felt that I was dealing with someone who I could trust.

Thanks Bo!

Dane Kok
Beverly Hills,



We were looking for my "dream car" when my husband came across Bo's fine web site.

Lo and behold, there was my 635 CSI - white, tan leather, low miles,

power everything and clean as a whistle.

"Lightning Jack" is happily impressing everyone who sees him and we are thoroughly enjoying

showing him off to friends and family.

Bo is passionate about cars in general and particularly his own. How refreshing.

Thanks Bo!

....quite a ride. Bye the bye, have you forgiven Sacramento yet for the lousy burger and fries?

Sharol & Bones



I want to compliment you on your website-your company is way ahead of the competition.

I have been surfing the web for a couple of years now trying to keep my dream

of owning a Porsche 911 or Ferrari alive! Your site has what others lack-IMPACT!!!

Who ever takes the photos of the cars has a sharp eye for bringing out the

powerful visual statements that these cars can have.

I have secured a fantastic job and very shortly will be in the market for my first

of many exotic cars! I will keep in touch with- I would like very much to do business with you!

Have a great day!

Rob Brown




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